Daisy Lamp - Pink

Nika Zupanc


Product with small imperfection on the mold closing visible only to close inspection.

Daisy Lamp - Pink - OUTLET
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Inspired by the gesture that we all made sooner or later in life, the "Loves me, loves me not", Daisy Lamp depicts a daisy that does not lose its emblematic romanticism.

Delicate but effective, compact but light, the small Daisy table lamp can be used to enhance every room in the house, from the living area to the sleeping area.

A conical body and a rounded diffuser surrounded by a corolla of colored petals that in addition to creating the shape of the flower symbol of the doubts of love, is also designed to be oriented and direct the light beam.

Coming with power cable, it uses LED technology to perfectly illuminate the context in which it is inserted.

Colors: pink, yellow, black, red, green, gray.


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