Flash Rechargeable Lamp - Green

Studio Job


Product with small imperfection on the mold closing visible only to close inspection.

Flash Rechargeable Lamp - Green - OUTLET
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"Flash, savior of the universe. He is there for us all, he represents each of us. He singlehandedly saved every man, every woman, every child, with a powerful flash! Ever since we banished the darkness from our caverns and Luke has faced Darth Vader in Star Wars, no light has been as important as Flash.”

(Job Smeets)

In designing Flash, Studio Job has thought of a led torch intended as a symbol of life, progress, and salvation but also as a flash in the dark, a destroyer of shadows and an icon of the ambiguity of the universe. In one single object are stories of men, ghosts and adventurous children. Much more than a floor lamp.

Equipped with 6-hour rechargeable battery and 16 different colors changeable with remote control.

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